Finding appropriate solutions to complex problems in the built environment.

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Discovery, analysis, options, and recommendations.

Architects are trained to be creative problem solvers.  We look at the world differently.  We listen to your unique circumstance and can help you design a path to achieve your goals.

Home or Business

Within the built environment, before we begin any project, the first stage is learning. It’s discovering your unique circumstances, your ideas for what you are looking to achieve; whether it's a new space or building or finding the right property, we are familiar with the myriad of issues that can affect the final outcome. You might not be ready to execute on your project now but having a viable plan for the future and making the right choices to build that foundation can pay huge dividends when the time is right.

Problem Resolution

The built environment is complex. Forensic analysis is sometimes required. Thousands of materials, installation methods and protocol, physical attributes, the environment and weather, and useful material life are but a few considerations when solving building problems.  Because we are familiar with building systems, materials, environmental exposure and the like, we can bring our experience and resources to solve your issue.  We partner with experienced mechanical, electrical and structural consultants and testing experts to bring together a team that can solve your building’s problems.