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A Wide Variety of Services,
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We are available for both short-term consultation, annual consulting contracts as an outsourced facilities planner, to complete start to finish project delivery.


While well known for high-end residential design, we take pride in providing residential design services for additions and renovations for a wide range of home sizes. We also offer strategic analysis for determining the asset value of a total renovation versus a full or partial demolition. The hallmark of our service is thorough listening to you, your ideas, goals and financial objectives.


As business owners, we are acutely aware of the need for efficient and effective organization of physical space to ensure the prosperity of your business. Enhance your brand and image through your corporate facility design. In addition to general office space, we have experience in medical, laboratory and dental offices, branch banking and resort facilities.

Interior Design

We have experience in the selection and coordination of all interior finishes. We have the resources for appropriate furniture and fixture selection. We can provide these services within an up-fit or full building design contract, at your option. If your current interiors present a tired and out of date look, we will be happy to help you upgrade your corporate image.


We are available to the both the homeowner and business owner to help assist in evaluation of expansion or reorganization needs. Generally, we provide these services at hourly rates, crediting those fees to any subsequent contract for services that might develop. There is never an obligation to move forward with our services and there is no minimum time required for a consult.

Tenant Up-Fit

For clients leasing space in larger buildings, our experience in workflow efficiency and planning can help you quickly move into new space that can give you a functional, comfortable and productive working environment.

Site Planning

Regardless of size, we use our problem solving and organizational skills to plan your site according to your goals. We combine regulatory requirements with topography, access, existing vegetation and solar orientation to arrive at an efficient and effective solution. Whether you are looking at a new location, or merely want to determine future growth patterns of your current location, we can help you.

Site Analysis

Whether home or business, before you purchase, it can be a wise move to obtain a professional analysis of the site you are considering. We look at the myriad of issues affecting building design, soils quality (including bearing capacity and seismic issues), solar orientation, site access, regulatory issues (including local, state and federal requirements), jurisdictional permitting requirements, and such things as wetlands issues, tree ordinances, utility availability, setbacks and easements.

In addition to the above, we review your initial programming requirements and insure the building size you require and the necessary parking and lot coverage restrictions will fit the site. This due diligence process can solidify your purchase decision, or save you thousands of dollars and prevent the misfortune of buying a piece of ground that will not work for the uniqueness of your home or business.

Corp. Facility Master Planning

In a new economy paradigm that requires long term efficiency in operations and physical space needs, your business can benefit from a strategic look ahead. Through long range planning and feasibility studies we can help you evaluate the need for additions, alterations, or new facilities.

Recent past experience has allowed a client to potentially save millions by purchasing adjacent property and avoiding the costly construction of parking facilities.

Feasibility Studies

Whether it’s speculative consideration for vacant land, an empty structure, or the financial impact of a corporate expansion we can guide you through the process of assembling the necessary data, associated costs to provide you with solid, substantial and credible information on which to make a decision. We can help determine the highest and best use for raw land or an empty building. Our experience, resources, and knowledge of the design and construction process can help you or your facility’s department make the appropriate decision for your current and future needs.

The Hallmark
Of Good Design

We believe that the hallmark of good design is found in a logical plan, visual order, and the creation of a pleasant environment that suits your personal tastes.