Site Planning and Analysis in Charleston SC

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Use our problem solving and organizational skills to plan your residential or commercial site.

Whether you are looking at a new location or want to determine future growth patterns at your current location, our site analysis and planning services can help.

Finding the Perfect Site

Before you purchase land for a new home or commercial building, it is wise to obtain a professional analysis of the site you are considering.

This preliminary site review can solidify your purchase decision, or save you thousands of dollars by preventing you from buying a site that will not work for your unique home or business.

Site Analysis

During a site analysis, we look at numerous issues that will affect building design, including:

Soil quality (including bearing capacity and seismic issues)
Solar orientation
Site access
Regulatory issues (including local, state and federal requirements)
Jurisdictional permitting requirements
Wetlands issues
Tree ordinances
Utility availability
Setbacks and easements

Spivey - Brays Island - Oliver front

Site Planning

Our site planning combines the findings from the initial analysis with your vision and our design experience to best use the entire site.

For residential projects, this can include using existing vegetation, ensuring your home is the correct distance from property lines, and planning exterior amenities to take advantage of all natural features and views.

For commercial design, we will review your initial programming requirements and ensure the building size you require and the necessary parking and lot coverage restrictions will fit the site.