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“But, as an actual owner of a construction company involved in that management for close to 30 years; so, I have a lot of understanding of how the creative process interacts with the built process. How a client goes from an idea to a physical building.

I think a fair amount of them are a little surprised that I understand construction to the extent that I do. I think it’s a separator in what I do. Because I’m very comfortable on a construction site.”

Michael Spivey

With over 30 years of experience in architectural design and construction. Michael Spivey knows how important service is to this clients.


Unlike the owners and principals at other architecture firms who attend the initial meeting and hand the project off to their staff, Michael stays actively involved in every design project and is available to answer questions at any time.

Michael has designed everything from dream homes and golf course clubhouses to veterinary clinics, office space, banks, and restaurants. He believes there is a place in the market for all types of designers, including those who work out of their homes or offer stock plans, but discerning clients who can afford the luxury of creating their own custom homes and commercial spaces deserve a team of professionals who understand and cater to their needs throughout the entire process.

Although he received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture from Clemson University, Michael’s professional experience also includes construction, giving him a unique understanding of how the creative process interacts with the building process. The first five years of his career, he built everything he designed from the ground up, and he co-owned a design and construction company before starting Spivey Architects and focusing solely on design.

His creativity spills over into his hobbies, which include playing guitar and woodworking, boating, golf, and flying planes. He has served on several Charleston, SC boards, is a Past Commodore of the James Island Yacht Club, and holds two U.S. Patents in product design.