Architects as Problem Solvers

residential and commercial architects in Charleston SC

Historically, we have been designing commercial and residential projects throughout the Lowcountry for over three decades. In that span of time, technology has shifted, new products have come and gone, and our community has changed significantly.  Change is a natural part of life. As Architects, we continually research new products, changes in regulations, and the evolution of our built environment.

We revel in the variety of our project types and clients.  We love the challenge of a new project or client.  It’s a chance for us to exercise our design creativity, expand our professional experience and to make new friends in the community. We thrive on solving problems and creating solutions for the built environment. It’s the essence of what we do.  The design of buildings requires far more than most people think. We believe educating folks about what we really do can further the public understanding of Architects and open new pathways for discovery and interaction. Stay tuned to this blog for periodic entries that might further your understanding of what we do.