Do I Need a Custom Home Builder or Architect?

Custom home architect in Charleston SC

When you begin the process of designing and building your own custom home, there are plenty of reasons to feel excited. Unfortunately, many people find lots of reasons to feel anxious during this process as well. One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is hiring the right people to help you with the design and construction process, particularly, whether you should choose a custom home builder or an architect. 

Should I Hire a Custom Home Builder or an Architect?

The best answer to this question is pretty simple: yes. That’s right, when you go through the process of designing and building your own custom home, you will want to hire both a custom home builder and a licensed architect. Choosing both will help you get the best results possible for your new home. While you’ll obviously need to hire people to properly complete the process of building your new home, you’ll want a professional, licensed architect on board to make your project a long-lasting success. 

Hiring an Architect and Builder Saves Money

Wait, isn’t hiring a licensed architect going to add to the costs of my home? Upfront, yes. However, when designing your forever home in South Carolina, the last thing you want to do is compromise on quality. 

Hiring an architect for your custom home construction project will make the whole process go more smoothly. An architect will think of details builders may not, such as how the direction of a door opening will affect the flow of a room or how to position a stairway for the best safety in a home. Additionally, your architect will help you find the right materials that will last rather than settling for cheaper materials you’ll have to soon replace. 

Ultimately, hiring an architect will help you come up with a design that will stand the test of time. Sure, you may still choose to remodel your home in the future, but you’ll avoid mistakes that could be costly to fix down the road. 

Discover Your Dream Design

Often, people looking to design and build a custom home have certain elements they want to include. However, it can be tricky figuring out the perfect way to make those elements come together in a cohesive fashion. Hiring a licensed architect will allow you to get a home design that not only includes what you want in terms of style, but also functions practically. 

For instance, you may have an idea of how you want the master bedroom to be laid out, but the architect will help you figure out a design that includes the best views, flows smoothly, and makes the most of the incoming natural light.

Of course, when you hire an architect, you’ll get to talk to someone with fresh ideas. Even if you’ve gathered plenty of inspiration from researching online or seeing impressive houses on your own, you can’t replace the value of having an architect on board who can provide new and exciting design ideas. And your architect can add creative finishing touches that truly complete your perfect custom home design. 

Have an Extra Supervisor During the Building Process

By having a licensed architect help supervise the construction process, you’ll be able to avoid many potential problems. For one, your architect is an extra level of quality control. They’ll ensure your builders aren’t cutting corners by skipping essential steps, using low-quality materials, or installing things the wrong way. 

They can also help keep your project on budget while your home is being built. Projects tend to go over budget when things are installed incorrectly, blueprints are interpreted the wrong way, or construction gets delayed for some reason. You’ll also have an extra resource for knowing where to get the right materials in the most cost-effective manner. 

Get Connected to the Best Builders

When you partner with the right architect to help you design your ideal custom home, you’ll find they have valuable connections in the construction industry. When an architect works with a builder they like, they’ll want to remember them for future projects. If you choose builders simply based on who is near you or online reviews, you may be missing out on someone who truly knows their trade and will build the best home for you. 

Blueprint for Success

Most architecture firms focus on design rather than the actual construction, so a custom builder is a must when it comes to your forever home. But trying to cut expenses by not using an architect may end up costing you more in the long run.