Architecture: The Merger of Art and Science

Architecture in Charleston SC

One of the unique things about The Practice of Architecture is the combination of art and science.

Successful building creation is rooted in both an understanding and ability to “artistically create” while doing so with a thorough understanding of the “science” of our environment, the materials we use, and the performance of those materials within the design and that environment.

A beautiful building is not necessarily great Architecture.  The functional component and how it serves the client are, at the heart of Architecture.  It’s the reason “Architecture” exists.  A beautiful building that fails to serve its end user, the client, or others is a pure failure, the result of which could be called only sculpture.

Mix in governmental regulations, cost, site conditions, gravity, zoning requirements, thermal comfort, power requirements, basic necessities and building codes you begin to see some of the varied considerations necessary to design a building.

But that’s not all…..every building has a client.  For an Architect to successfully design a building for that client, the Architect must know and understand not only his client but also his specific needs, wants, desires and hopes and dreams.  Designing a solution that meets those goals requires combining uniquely crafted solutions that creatively address the client’s needs. How do we get there?  We will take a journey through a project to give you an idea beginning with our next post.