The Benefits of Building a Restaurant from the Ground Up

The Benefits of Building a Restaurant from the Ground Up

A restaurant is more than just an establishment where food is served; it’s a creative outlet, a space to enjoy time with friends and family, an area where art and necessity are combined, and a zone where people can socialize, indulge, and connect. If you’re planning to start a restaurant or are preparing to move your existing restaurant into a new space, you may be wondering what’s better: moving into an existing space or building your own restaurant from the ground up?

At Spivey Architects, we are passionate about helping restaurateurs design and develop beautiful spaces that are personalized and intended to enhance the customer experience. Consider these benefits of building a restaurant from the ground up, and reach out to our team for more information about how to get started.

Eliminating Space Constraints

One reason to build a new restaurant rather than move into an existing space is that by building, you can design a space that is large enough to accommodate as many customers at a given time as you’d like, rather than being limited by existing space constraints. Of course, by building, you will also have more flexibility in choosing a restaurant in the location that you find ideal, rather than being constrained to what’s already in existence and what’s available.


Perhaps the most pressing reason a restaurant owner may choose to design and build their own space rather than moving into an existing building, is the flexibility and freedom that building gives in terms of personalization and creative design. Are you obsessed with an open-concept model for your restaurant? Would you love to have an exposed kitchen? Do you want the integration of outdoor elements and nature to be part of the overall feel of your restaurant? Do you want to serve food in a space that is more historic than modern? More contemporary than classic? Whatever it is you have in mind for the space, you can achieve it when you build your own restaurant and work with an architect who’s able to turn your vision into a reality.

Efficiency and Maintenance

Building a new restaurant also has a very practical benefit: it allows you the opportunity to make your space as energy-efficient as possible, reducing overhead costs and helping the planet.  It will also mitigate maintenance and repair costs in the near future. Indeed, rather than worrying about having to repair a roof or update the plumbing, when you build new, you can focus on your customers and your passion.

Spivey Architects Is Here to Serve You When Building Your Restaurant

Building a restaurant is a big undertaking, but one that may be well worth it. To learn more about restaurant building and how our team at Spivey Architects can assist with everything from site planning to design, to the finishing touches on the last coat of paint and more, please contact us today and request a consultation.